godwin vaughan monogram
Godwin Vaughan is concerned with producing beautiful objects for modern life whilst staying true to design and production sensibilities employed by our inspirations.

Enamored with the Arts & Crafts movement and early innovators such as Christopher Dresser, Joseph Hoffmann, and Peter Behrens, Godwin Vaughan does not trade on nostalgia, or any borrowed heritage.

We instead adhere to the values of the Arts & Crafts movement, dedicated to the production of inspiring and useful items, created by craftsmen, from the finest materials. We believe in simplicity of form, and allowing construction to be its own adornment.

Alongside Godwin Vaughan originals, a selection of objects that have inspired their design are available. These items have a beauty and utility perfectly suited to contemporary life. As such their continued use is encouraged, either as originally intended, or within new contexts.

Truth, Beauty, and Power
Dr Christopher Dresser, 1834–1904