The aim of Godwin Vaughan is to present modern accessories and objects for modern gentlemen and women, alongside those objects that have inspired us to make them.

It’s not pastiche, it’s not a form of retro-futurism, and it’s nothing at all to do with Don Draper.

We’re particularly fond of the Arts & Crafts movement, but think the strict adherence to its rules is limiting; Christopher Dresser (who predates the movement) was an advocate of good design for all, but rather than seeing industrialization as anathema, he saw it as a way of making this possible.

At Godwin Vaughan we love the je ne sais quoi of hand-crafted objects, but we love geometric forms, angles, (bright colours!) and precision too. Our ideas on antiques don’t end at Art Deco, our view of ‘vintage’ doesn’t begin and end in Mid-Century Scandanavia, and we don’t think you need to wear a pocket watch to call yourself a gentleman.

In short, we don’t see ‘craft’ and modernity as mutually exclusive. Instead; we explore the context they give each other.

We are proud of the objects that, alongside specialists and craftsmen, we have put the Godwin Vaughan name to. They embody our ethos and aesthetic: hand-made precision, cosy-geometry, and an attention to detail you'll miss if you’re not looking. They will age with grace, and won’t be out of fashion next season, just as the objects that accompany them on the site have stood the test of time – through their beauty, simplicity and quality construction.

We hope you share our enthusiasm for these objects, and we hope you enjoy the site.

Godwin Vaughan & Christopher Vaughan
March 2014