The Human Printer by Stinsensqueeze
The Human Printer works without sound
and won't bother you with paper jams.
But RSI can be a problem... 

 the human printer stinsensqueeze

Recently seen in action at Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam, the Human Printer uses a team of illustrators to create each image; applying layers of four colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) dot-by-dot in much the same way a colour printer would. The application of the dots by-hand, however, takes huge amounts of forethought, knowledge of printing, and of course time. 

The project has so far attracted a huge amount of attention from the press including CNN, and The Discovery Channel. The design magazine Kiblind commissioned a piece to run as the cover of their 45th issue and Nike have also commissioned a couple of pieces. 

the human printer nike

Stinsensqueeze -the design duo Godwin Vaughan collaborated with on the Grid Blanket- are behind the project, and they are currently taking orders. Upload an image to their site, and if it meets their requirements they'll send you a quote. Alternatively, we have limited edition glicee prints available in the store.