Godwin Vaughan Grid Blanket – Blue
100% Geelong Wool Blanket
Knitted in Scotland, 2014
€400 | B

Designed in conjunction with Stinsensqueeze, and knitted in Scotland by Studio Roam.

The inspriation for the blanket's design began with a 3x6 grid (similar to the one employed in the website layout). True to the spirit of Godwin Vaughan (and excellence of STSQ) this geometric form was filtered through a mixture of references from Dresser to Sotsass, and realised using traditional techniques and quality materials.

The blankets were knitted in Scotland from 100% virgin extra fine Geelong wool... a super-soft wool with a micron-count similar to that of fine merino wool. This produces a soft, luxurious blanket with lots of drape.
Ideally suited to indoor use, the blanket can also be worn shawl-like, and makes for an extremely luxurious picnic blanket.

H: 2200mm
W: 1300mm