Compas Dans l’Oeil Task Lamps 
Designed by Andrée Putman
Manufactured in USA
Baldinger Archictectural Lighting
€450/pc | E
€850/pr | E

Satin nickel stem (which can be rotated through 90°) on steel base, with an exquisite satin brass hinge, moveable through 180°. The lined and perforated nickel shade provides soft directional or ambient light.

Andree Putman was a French Interior designer who started her business ECART at the age of 53. The name, trace spelled backwards, goes some way to explaining her resurrection of then forgotten designers from the 1930's. She is well known for the eclecticism of her projects, as well as her elegant yet not altogether serious style.

The name of these lamps; Compas dans l'oeil literally traslated is 'compass in the eye'. It's an archictectural term which equates the eye with a precision instrument for calculating proportion and distance. It would appear that this is an instance of the facetious humour for which she is known.   

The lights are manufactured by Baldinger Architectural lighting. A company who have specialised in custom lighting since they were established in 1893. As well as Andree Putman; they have worked on design projects with Michael Graves and David Rockwell. 

Stem Length: 546mm
Maximum Clamp Opening; 45mm
Shade: 75mm x 50mm

Good Condition