Zeiss Ikon Aneroid Barometer
Manufactured in Berlin by Zeiss Ikon
€450 | E

Unmistakably Art Deco in design; this chrome plated aneroid desk barometer was manufactured in the Goerz factory in Berlin in the 1930’s. The curved sector scale is calibrated in both Millibars and Barometric Inches, and is viewed through the rectangular glass panel (whilst the rear is frosted).

The trend-indicator is concealed at the rear of the device, with the aneroid mechanism concealed in the stepped circular base, ensuring the clean lines of the device remain.

The makers mark appears on the front panel, whilst the original instructions for use are also still intact behind a celluloid panel to the underside.

There is a similar example of this barometer in the permanent collection of the British National Heritage.

H: 160mm
W: 72mm
Ø: 100mm

Excellent Condition