Searfino Zani Mach 2-cup Espresso Maker


Designed by Isao Hosoe and
Made in Italy 1992

Unused, new-old-stock 2-cup stove-top espresso maker in matte electric blue and polished grey. Made from aluminium and heat-proof plastic.

Italo-Japanese Post/Modernist design great from 1992. Exterior coloured using flame-resistant paints, interior uses food-grade paints and heat-resistant silicone seals to ensure prolonged, hygienic use.

Both beautiful and useful, the Mach espresso maker’s claim to a design-great has lately been boosted with its re-issue (in a serious all-grey version).

Dimensions: Height - 175mm; Diameter (at base) - 105mm
Volume: 2 espressos

As new, unboxed

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