Sabrinaware Vases Shape 2177


Designed by Walter Sedgley and Albert Shuck, manufactured in England by Royal Worcester. 1910

A near pair of Royal Worcester Sabrina Ware vases each of faceted and shouldered form with everted rim. Covered with a smoked blue glaze, the deep colours range from vibrant royal blues, to rich navies.

Many pieces of Sabrinaware were decorated by hand by artists. But, some of the most interesting pieces were decorated only by salts and finished by clear glaze; the final results were affected by condition of the clay, density of atmosphere kiln temperature, and gases generated during firing. This makes each piece impossible to duplicate.

This process was employed here, and provides a wonderful explanation as to why this is a near pair.

Measurements: Height - 290mm; Width - 115mm

Condition: One vase has been professionally restored at the base.




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