Godwin Vaughan began with an aspiration to create modern lifestyle accessories,  and a joy in uncovering the objects that have inspired their designs.
Godwin Vaughan Arts & Crafts Chair, Andree Putman lamps, Antique  table

With a particular fondness for the Arts & Crafts movement, Godwin Vaughan celebrates the irregular beauty of hand-crafted objects while also drawing on a love of geometric forms, angles, precision and colour. We celebrate the context that craft and modernity give one another.
We are proud of the objects that, alongside specialists and craftsmen, we have put the Godwin Vaughan name to. They embody what we’re striving for; hand-made precision, cosy geometry, and an attention to detail that you won’t see if you’re not looking. They will age gracefully, outside of fashion. Just as the objects that accompany them remain relevant, through their beautiful simplicity and quality construction.