Art Deco Demi-Tasse Spoons


‘Yeoman Plate’ Demitasse spoons with colour beads. Made in England by Yeoman of England, c.1930s.

A set of 4 silver-plate ‘demitasse’ spoons with colourful beads in Blue, Green, Red and Pink.

The term ‘demi-tasse’ originates from France, and was used to describe a small ‘half-cup’ of black coffee (much like espresso in Italy – which also accounts for the spoons sometimes being referred to as espresso spoons). At the time at which it originated (mid 19th century) High-Tea in England (and espresso in Italy) had become extremely popular, and as such; utensils for its enjoyment also became highly regarded.

“Yeoman of England” was established during this period (1897), and concentrated on producing flatware and giftware. It is also the giftware supplier to Asprey, Fortnum & Mason, and Liberty, among many other prestigious names.

Silver-Plate (EPNS) marks to the stem of each spoon.

Dimensions: Length 120mm

Condition: Good Condition


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