Graduated Orange Vase


Monart vase shape RA

Made in Scotland c.1930s

A Monart hand-blown glass vase, shape RA, of floral form. The body is in deep mottled orange and yellow, graduating to brown with aventurine inclusions.

Monart glass was produced between 1924 and 1961 at the Moncreiff glassworks in Perth, Scotland. Moncreiff specialized in scientific glass (gauges, industrial tubing etc.), until 1924 when a Spanish glassblower accidentally made a prototype vase. This accidental prototype was seen by the wife of the company’s owner, and the name Monart was given to the new range; the Mon coming from Isobel Moncreiff, and Art coming from Salvador Ysart.

Salvador Ysart used a very distinctive process to create the pieces; rolling the molten glass in crushed enamel and coating them in clear glass before blowing the shapes, resulting in a unique designs every time.

The base of this piece, interestingly, still includes the circular pontil mark, where the piece was cut from the pontil after being shaped.



Condition: Excellent condition

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