Aesthetic Movement Vase


Designed by Walter Sedgley and Albert Shuck and manufactured in England by Royal Worcester. 1912

Shape #F.123, ovoid shape with knopped neck and everted rim; the deep background is hand-painted with two cranes in vivid blue, wading in a river.

In 1900 Royal Worcester allowed painters to sign their work for the first time; these painters and artists were encouraged to develop individual styles, which distinguish their work from others. Walter Sedgley and Albert Shuck’s work was often characterised by finely depicted birds (as here), recalling a Japanese influence.

A further Japanese influence is present in the bottles form; which is similar to that of a traditional Sake bottle. This was not uncommon, as the first examples of Sabrinaware used a Japanese vase form as their inspiration.

Measurements: Height – 155mm; Width –125mm 

Condition: Good Condition