Architectural Sculpture


Malwiyya Minaret in marble paste, Made in Italy for ultima Edizione.

During the late 1980s and early 1990s Ettore Sottsass worked with Ultima Edizione, a company based in Carrara, near the famous marble caves. During the period, they worked on furniture and architectural projects, which, prior to being fully realised were modelled in marble paste.

Under the direction (and almost on a whim) of Mr Sottsass, pieces were made to depict ancient and historical buildings in the style of souvenirs.

The Malwaiyya tower of the Great Mosque of Samarra was built in 850 during the reignn of Al-Mutavkkil. It measires 52 metres high by 33metres wide, and it still stands today, despite the mosque itself being destroyed in 1278, and sustaining further damage in 2005.  

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