Trench Art Tea & Coffee Service


Tea & Coffee service Made in England by Roberts & Belk ltd.


Newly refurbished Tea & Coffee set comprising Tea Pot, Coffee Pot, Creamer, Sugar Bowl, and Tray.

Each piece is in electro-plated-nickel-silver (EPNS), and finished with ebony hexagonal handles and finials. The straight lines, and the design of the set, are minimal to the point of austere, and reminiscent of some of Dr Christopher Dressers designs (the ebony handles are surely a nod to Dresser).  

The pieces also bring to mind the Ilinka Karasz Tea & Coffee service by which forms part of the Met Museum collection.

Each piece is marked to the base with EPNS, along with the R.B.S. of Roberts & Belk, Sheffield next to the ‘lamp’ makers mark.


Coffee Pot: Height - 160mm; Diameter - 90mm (w/Handle – 140mm)

Tea Pot: Height – 125mm; Diameter – 105mm (w/Handle, Spout – 200mm)

Creamer: Height: 105mm; Diameter - 70mm (w/Handle - 110mm)

Sugar Bowl: Height: 50mm; Diameter – 70mm (w/Handles – 110mm)

Tray: Length - ; Width – 235mm; Length – 415mm (w/handles – 465mm)


Excellent Condition.



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